About Northern Aviation Services

Northern Aviation Services, LLC (NAS) specializes in air cargo and aviation industry related services, and is comprised of six (6) different operations around United States; Aloha Air Cargo and Northern Air Cargo, LLC, Hawaii and Alaska’s largest scheduled all-cargo airlines. Aloha Tech Ops and Northern Air Maintenance Services, LLC, both FAA certified Part 145 Repair Stations. NAS Contract Services, providing a range of aviation related support services worldwide. StratAir, LLC, which provides scheduled freighter service throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. These six brands deliver a wide variety of aviation experience for domestic and international customers. With years of aviation experience, NAS provides a wide variety of air cargo and cargo forwarding services to communities in Alaska, Hawaii, the continental United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America.

  • Over $165M annual revenue
  • Over 1100 employees
  • All-cargo Boeing 737s and 767s
  • Transports 160M pounds of freight annually

We want to work with you! Email us at inquiry@naservices.aero learn which of our operations and services meet your air cargo, freight or maintenance needs.

Our Operating Brands

  • Aeko Kula, LLC DBA Aloha Air Cargo
  • Aloha Tech Ops
  • Northern Air Cargo, LLC
  • Northern Air Maintenance Services, LLC
  • NAS Contract Services
  • StratAir, LLC

About Saltchuk

NAS is a member of the Saltchuk family of transportation companies. Saltchuk was founded in 1982 with the acquisition of Totem Ocean Trailer Express. Since then it has acquired more than 30 companies organized in five operating groups: Shipping & Logistics, Marine Services, Air Cargo, Petroleum Distribution and Trucking. A family and woman-owned company with a long-term outlook, more than 6,000 employees, 2.5 billion in annual sales and an investment grade credit rating, Saltchuk is poised to contribute to its industries and communities for generations to come.

As a part of the Saltchuk family, we are aligned under common values of safety, reliability and commitment. We share a single Code of Ethical Business Conduct (Spanish version) and our employees are encouraged to speak up to ensure our work environments adhere to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and safety. To ensure all voices are heard, Saltchuk has established a third-party Hotline (1-800-270-7513) and website for reporting any suspected activity that does not live up to our Code. To learn more about Saltchuk and NAS’ shared Values and Ethics, visit the Saltchuk Values webpage.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our business or any of our operations, please give us a call at (907) 249-5105 or send an email to our team at inquiry@naservices.aero.

NAS Anchorage Office
4510 Old International Airport Road, Anchorage, AK 99502-1097

NAS Seattle Office
450 Alaskan Way, Suite 708, Seattle, WA 98104https://www.saltchuk.com/contact-saltchuk.

Visiting our offices?

For navigation instructions to visit our Seattle Office and for the new Visitor Check-in procedures, please visit the Saltchuk page at: https://www.saltchuk.com/contact-saltchuk. Please follow all posted signage and review the Health Risk Assessment survey prior to visiting.x